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frequently asked questions

What kind of information should I identify when I submit a report?

The more precise and specific information you give us - what the problem is, where it is, how long it's been a problem - the better we can help you. Please be polite, concise and to the point. Please do not be abusive — abusing the site or government officials devalues the service for all users. Please also note that we will only use your personal information in accordance with our privacy policy.

What happens if the reports are not accurate?

Lungisa is not responsible for the content and accuracy of material submitted by its users. We reserve the right to edit or remove any problems or updates which we consider to be inappropriate upon being informed by a user of the site.

Who gets to see my email address or phone number?

If you submit a problem, we pass on your details, as you have provide them to us, and details of the problem, to the council contact or contacts responsible for the area where you located the problem.

Other than the council, only people we authorise to view the Lungisa administration interface will be able to see your contact information and they will never use it for anything other than to help administer Lungisa. We will never give or sell your email address or phone number to anyone else, unless we are obliged to by law. Your name will not be published anywhere unless you let us.

Will you contact me at my email address or phone number?

We will only ever contact you in relation to your problem – to find out more about it, to follow up with you, or if someone leaves an update on a problem you’ve reported.

Does Lungisa guarantee that it will have problems fixed?

No, we cannot guarantee that all problems submitted will be fixed. It is ultimately the responsibility of government officials and departments to remedy service delivery-related problems. Lungisa is not a project of government. What we will do, however, is to follow up persistently for you with the relevant government officials to make sure the problem you’ve identified is fixed. We will also work closely with a This document, all copies of this document as well as the Intellectual Property contained herein is the exclusive property of Cell-Life.

Its intended purpose is for use by project management, product design and specification as well as system development persons. As such, its contents may not be copied in whole or part, used for any purpose or distributed in any way without the prior written permission of Cell-Life.

What happens if a problem I reported is not yet fixed?

We will do our best to remain on top of the status of those reports that are submitted to us and which we post on our website, and to follow up until each problem is solved. It is possible, though, that a particular problem has not been solved yet, or that the government may not fix the problem. In that case, send us a message providing your reference number to us, and we will follow up again with the relevant officials to remedy the problem. If the problem still remains unfixed, we will work with our large network of partners to raise public awareness of the problem you face.

A report submitted is not accurate and/or is inappropriate. What can I do?

Lungisa is not responsible for the content and accuracy of material submitted by its users. We will try to undertake basic report verification to make sure the problem does indeed exist. We also reserve the right to edit or remove any problems or updates which we consider to be inappropriate upon being informed by a user of the site.

If you do see a report which you find inappropriate or know to be inaccurate, please let us know. We want the information on Lungisa to be as useful and accurate as possible to help get problems fixed.

I have reported a problem but have not yet heard back from you. What can I do?

We do endeavour to respond to all the reporters who send us information. If for some reason we have not responded to you within 48 hours of your submission of a report, we do apologize. Please contact us the contact medium provided on the ‘Contact Us’ page.

Do I have to pay to use Lungisa?

No, there is no cost to the service we provide. There may, however, be a cost to you to submit a report to us through one of the various reporting channels we have developed; this cost may vary and may depend on your particular cell phone contract.

Who funds Lungisa?

Lungisa is a project of Cell-Life. It has received generous funding from Freedom House Southern Africa. Freedom House is an independent watchdog organization dedicated to the expansion of freedom around the world.

We have also received generous funding from the Indigo Trust, a grant making foundation that funds technology-driven projects to bring about social change, largely in African countries. The Trust focuses mainly on innovation, transparency and citizen empowerment.

We also thank the amazingly creative designers at Deep Design for kindly creating for free our logo and the look and feel of our website.